More of us are using our smartphones as shopping devices, says a new study from Nielsen.

Phones are not being used just for the actual buying, but as tools for looking up prices, reviews, finding brick and mortar stores, and even for redeeming coupons.

The study found that Amazon was the most popular destination for shoppers using their smartphone to shop. Included in the top 5 with Amazon were eBay, Walmart, Target and Best Buy. According to Nielson, almost 60% of smartphone shoppers accessed those five sites.

The president of Strategic Initiatives at Nielsen, John Burbank, said this of the study:

“The majority of smartphone owners used their devices for shopping this past holiday season. Mobile shopping has reached scale and is only going to grow as smartphone penetration continues to rise.”

That Target made the top five is of particular good news for them. They struggled to simply keep their website functioning on several occasions late last year after they took the management of it away from Amazon and began running it themselves.

Other interesting tidbits from the study: people preferred going straight to the retailer’s website over using the retailer’s mobile app; and are visited by more woman then men: by men, and Amazon and eBay appeal to both; all the top 5 had a bump during holiday sales events, but returned to normal numbers after the holidays were over.