Sigma Beauty Now Offers Free Gift Levels

Sigma Beauty has introduced Free Gift Levels to their online shopping portal.

Instead of a single spending threshold, there are now three. That means there are three different spending limits that each earn a different free gift.

The first level is at $30. If you spend $30 at, you qualify for a free Highlight Sample Card. This card includes samples of all four of Sigma’s Brow Highlight Duos: Well Lit, Bring to Light, Ray of Light, and Goddess Glow. The full-size products retail for $14 each.

The second level is $50-99.99. If you spend within this range, you qualify for a free Mini Spa Glove Texture Sample. This sample allows the user to preview Sigma’s innovative, brush-cleaning glove.

The glove is sectioned into five different textured patterns. Three are made for washing, two for rinsing. The various patterns allow the user to most efficiently remove different types of makeup from both eye and face brushes. The full-size product retails for $35.

The final level is $100+. If you spend at least $100, you qualify for a free full-size eyeshadow. With this gift, however, a preferred color cannot be requested. Sigma will choose what eyeshadow the customer receives. This product retails for $11.

Gifts and their colors are subject to availability.

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Consumer Expert Miki Hayes

Miki is a freelance writer and blogger with a degree in English from UNC Chapel Hill. She is obsessed with oversized sweaters, eyeshadow palettes, and her dog, Mina.