According to different reports, Silvio Berlusconi is currently being investigated on suspicion of having had sex with a girl that was 17 years old. To make matters even worse, prosecutors believe that the Italian Prime Minister also paid for sex.

Milan prosecutors declared that Berlusconi might even face another probe as there are claims that he put pressure on the police department when the teenager was held in custody after a theft allegation.

A prostitution probe is highly possible if proof is found that Silvio Berlusconi paid for sex. According to Corriere Della Serra, the prime minister is a suspect since late December last year but news did not leak till now.

Police did not charge Silvio Berlusconi with anything at the moment but he was asked to come over for questioning.

Berlusconi lawyers immediately accused the police of starting an investigation that can be characterized as “absurd and groundless”. They also stated that it is interference in the politician’s private life.

This is not the first sex scandal that Silvio Berlusconi had to deal with. His second wife divorced him in 2009 due to such problems.