America was saddened last year when American Idol judge Simon Cowell announced his retirement and said he would no longer be on the show, but now they have a chance to see him once again.

Cowell will be debuting in September on the new reality singing show The X Factor on Fox. It may seem that the show would be in competition with American Idol, but there are vast differences among the two shows.

The X Factor will allow anyone from the ages of 12 and up to audition and be chosen for the show. Idol only allows those between the ages of 15 and 28. This opens the door for a lot of competition among contestants because the pool from which they can pull their talent is much larger.

The new show also will allow vocal groups to compete where American Idol only allows for solo artists. But the biggest difference between the shows is the end result. The winner of the X Factor will receive a $5 million recording contract from Sony. Most Idol winners never see $5 million.

Of course they also have the other big difference. Simon Cowell left American Idol to retire and is now returning as a part of the X Factor.