SiriusXM is turned on nationwide for a free trial right now.SiriusXM Satellite Radio is available free, nationwide, for the next two weeks.

The satellite radio service is active on most Sirius and XM equipped radios through February 10.

According to the company, some older model SiriusXM radios may not be capable of receiving the free trial.

Normally SiriusXM offers a one month free trial to new subscribers who sign-up for the service.

However, during this two-week promotion, no sign-up is required. You just tune your radio to the satellite band and it’s on.

This is the second time SiriusXM has run a free two-week, no sign-up required, trial. The first one was last November.

Not all Sirius and XM channels will be included in the free trial, but the 60 that are available on each are a strong representation of what is available.

SiriusXM provides free printable lists of the 60 channels available on each service for reference. The one for Sirius is here, the one for XM here.

If you want to continue past the trial period, subscriptions for Sirius or XM are $14.99 per month for 140 channels and $17.99 per month for 150 channels.

On both these plans, shoppers can opt in to listen to the programming over the Internet for an additional $4.00 per month (purchased à la carte, internet availability is $14.99 a month).

SiriusXM also offers in “all access” annual plan that includes the 150 channels and access to the service over the Internet for $199 per year.

They started promoting the free trial on TV today with some pretty entertaining commercials.

Will you be tuning in to SiriusXM for the free trial?

If you already have, what did you think about it? And will you pick up a subscription?

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