Six Cool New Features in Cars This Year

Six Cool New Features in Cars This Year

Every year since their creation in the 19th century, automobiles have seen technological innovations that improve on each and every aspect. This year is no different, with the recent addition of some of the most mind-blowing technology being placed within the confines of a car.

Here are six cool new car features that have dazzled the public over the past twelve months.

Magic Vision Control

The days of splashing windshield wiper fluid onto the side of your car are over with this new, fun feature.

Magic Vision Control is a new system that allows fluid to travel through the wiper blades in different channels to prevent oversplash.

It also heats the blades in cold temperatures to prevent snow or ice buildup on the windshield.

Adaptive Headlights

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see around a dark corner before you even turn? With adaptive headlights, this is now possible!

Instead of having regular round, bulky headlights, this system uses small LEDs that can swivel in any direction and are programmed to move in the same direction as the car to give you the best view of the road.

Stop-Start Feature

While hybrids have notoriously received the best mile-per-gallon (MPG) ratio, many other cars with this feature are now catching up.

The stop-start feature causes the car to shut off when stopped at a stoplight and to turn back on when the brake is released. This incredible feature will give many cars a much higher MPG due to the lack of expelled exhaust.


While backup cameras have been on cars for years, recently the existence of side, bird’s-eye view and even panoramic cameras have emerged to help drivers get a good picture of exactly what is surrounding their car.

Rumor has it that some automobiles will soon be equipped with cameras that can read signs, detect large objects and even monitor the changing of traffic signals.

Automatic Braking/Collision Warning

In a perfect world, there would be zero car collisions happening each day, and with automatic braking, this is a real possibility.

This new and incredible feature causes the brakes to initiate if sensors in the car determine that an object is in imminent danger of colliding with the car.

It is meant to decrease the number of accidents on the road and increase the car’s ability to be aware when the driver is not.

Lane Centering

While most highways are equipped with “rumble strips” meant to keep drivers from veering into opposite lanes, this isn’t always effective. That’s where lane centering comes into play.

Cars equipped with this safety feature have cameras that sense when the car is veering, and they nudge it back toward the correct lane.

Head-on collisions may be a thing of the past if this new feature gains popularity.

Cars of the Future

Each year cars are equipped with the newest technology, and every year safety and functionality are increased tenfold.

These six of the newest car features that show a glimpse into the possibilities of tomorrow. Keep them in mind if you’re in the market for a new car to ensure your ultimate safety and MPG!