Skype Outage Update – Users Still Can’t Log In

The recent Skype outage has caused a lot of problems and it is still not solved.

According to Skype representatives at the moment there are still a lot of people that cannot log into their accounts.

Skype also claims that 5 million people are now able to log in. This is an improvement from what was happening yesterday. The problem is that this number is only 30% of the accounts that the company hoped to see back online when they made the announcement.

It seems that the number of people that can log in is constantly increasing, but the problem is that Skype cannot predict when all will be able to do so. Unfortunately there is also another problem that has to be considered. Most Europeans that were able to log in were not able to receive calls or make calls. Even new software downloads were disabled by Skype for some hours.

The good news is that Skype engineers are working on the problem and it will surely be solved. Users are left with just one solution: wait till all is normal again.

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