Smartphones On Sale For Memorial Day – But Not Very Many

Smartphones On Sale For Memorial Day – But Not Very Many

There – are – some smartphones on sale for the Memorial Day holiday this year.. but not many.

Consumer Press sent out feelers last week to all the major carriers.

The response for the most part was a shrug.

Where’s the excitement? Heck, where’s the competitiveness?

There doesn’t seem to be much of either.

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular… where are you?

This is not to say there are no sales going on. T-Mobile got back to us to say that shoppers can bring in their old iPhone 4 or 4s through Father’s Day and get an iPhone 5 for $0 down – plus monthly payments.

Likewise, US Cellular said they are offering $100 credit to customers switching from other services, a guaranteed $100 trade-in credit on eligible devices, a buy on get one free offer on the 4G LTE Motorola Electrify M, and $100 off the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. But these are on-going sales, not any kind of Memorial Day blowout.

Not that the above deals are bad. To the contrary, they are fine deals. Just not the big Memorial Day push we hoped for.

As of early Sunday morning, we have not heard back from any of the other carriers. But taking a look at AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon this morning, they do not have any Memorial Day specials listed.

In fact, only one of the major smartphone outfits we regularly cover is promoting a Memorial Day sale And with a close look, the actual results of the sale are mixed.

The reseller has the Samsung Galaxy S3 on sale for $29.99, with a Sprint contract.

Is that a good deal?

We’ll, purchased directly from Sprint, the same phone is…. $0 up front on contract… ouch! Maybe it’s a reverse Memorial Day sale!

Ok, let’s keep going here. Wirefly also has the Galaxy S3 from Verizon as part of the holiday sale. It’s $49.99 on contract. From Verizon directly the smartphone is $99.99 on contract. Point to Wirefly here.

And the final smartphone in Wirefly’s Memorial Day promo is the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It’s listed at $149.99 with purchase of a new Verizon contract.

From Verizon directly it’s $199.99 on contract. Wirefly comes out with a $50 savings on this one as well.

So it’s slim pickins’ for shoppers hoping for a Memorial Day deal on smartphones this year.

Have you found any evidence to the contrary? If so, post your favorite deals below!

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

Jimmy is an assistant editor and a writer here at News For Shoppers. He has more than two decades of experience in the shopping industry, having worked in sales and marketing in both the technology and fashion industries.