Smokey The Bear was the correct answer on Million Dollar Money Drop tonight.

After wagering most of their money on the famous bear that reminds us all to “Remember… Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”, the couple won and moved on to the next level.

The sixth question on tonight’s Million Dollar Money Drop was – which of these advertising icons was the oldest: Ronald McDonald, the Trix Rabbit, or Smokey Bear. The winning answer was Smokey Bear, who is 66 years old. The Trix Rabbit is 53 years old, and Ronald McDonald is a youthful 47 years old.

Smokey Bear is the U.S. Forest Service’s mascot, he was created in 1944. His slogan changed in 2001 from the one posted above to “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires”. The image of Smokey Bear and his slogan are recognized in the U.S. by 95% of adults and 77% of children, according to the Ad Council.

While Smokey’s actual name is Smokey Bear, rather than Smokey The Bear, a pair of songwriters added “The” to Smokey’s name in  song they wrote in 1952. “The” was added to keep the song’s rhythm. The song became popular, and confusion over his name has reigned ever since.