Since it’s inception in the 1970’s, Saturday Night Live has been the top mainstream act every comedian aspires towards. Young Pete Davidson, made his debut last Saturday on the Weekend Update segment, and everyone loved it, and quote, “killed it.”

Pete Davidson now holds the ability to follow such great acts like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and many others, becoming this generation’s main face in comedy.

However, could he fall victim to the “Chevy Chase Curse” where (figuratively) one day you are a star and the next you are not?

Chevy Chase was the earliest example of this (hence the name). He was one of the first Featured Players on SNL, possibly the biggest and most popular. But after the first season, he left to follow a career in film, returning to do some segments every now and then for SNL.

As popular as he was though, after sometime of doing that his career went downhill, and nobody was really looking forward to the next “Great Chevy Chase Movie.”

Chevy Chase is followed by others who have peeked as well – Eddie Murphy’s movies never measured up to the one made back in the 80’s, Mike Myers started going downhill after “The Love Guru,” and we are seeing a declining interest with Adam Sandler now.

While Pete’s entire career lies ahead of him, one can only ask the question – will he continue to prosper and live up to the hype?

And if so, will he break the curse?