Sons of Aanrchy Season 7 Episode 10 recap: Bullets & Bombshells

Episode 10 of ‘Sons of Anarchy” was all about bullets and bombshells  as Abel FINALLY told Jax (Charlie Hunnam)  that “grandma killed mommy” and Mark’s security team got annihilated.

Fans everywhere were jumping up and down after hearing Abel say those magic words, setting in motion what is sure to be a powerhouse of a finale .

It all unfolded after a long and emotional day for Abel, who had a large scratch over his eye as the show opened.

He said Thomas did it to him, but when he got to school his teacher (Courtney Love) noticed the scratch and knew Thomas didn’t do it- she tried to get Abel to tell her what really happened but he wouldn’t say.

Later on Abel went into the school bathroom and carved up his arm, then told his teacher that grandma did it.

Jax decided to take the boys back to his house and have Wendy (Drea DeMatteo) take care of them until they could get help for Abel.

While they were there Jax told him that Wendy was his first mommy and that she and Jax would always be there to protect and love him.

Then, while tucking Abel in bed he asked Jax if grandma killed Tara so his first mommy could be with him- leaving Jax and viewers with their mouths hanging open.

If that wasn’t enough action, Moses (Mathew St. Patrick)  and the rest of Mark’s security finally met their end, in one of the most gratifying scenes of the night.

Early on in the episode Moses snatched Ratboy (Niko Nicotera) and Grim Bastards pres T.O (Michael Beach)  with the help of a reluctant Tyler (Mo McRae) in an attempt to find the preachers wife.

T.O told him the wife was at the ‘cabin’, but he gave them the address to where Tully’s men were, who Jax had met with earlier on  for  business.

Jax, SAMCRO and Tully’s guys ambushed them, then Jax took Moses eye out and Chibs cut off his fingers before Jax put a bullet in his head.

During that earlier meeting with Tully’s guys things got heated when  one of them went at Tig about being with a transvestite.

Tig shot him in his balls and then Happy (David Labrava) got him to admit that the guy Leyland, who was there when Eglee was shot was headed to the hospital to finish her off.

Unser (Dayton Callie), who was waiting in Eglee’s room for Leyland,

Thankfully, it wasn’t all blood and bullets this episode, as just about everyone was getting some during the opening scene.

Among those getting some action were:  Gemma (Katey Sagal) & Nero (Jimmy Smits), Venus (Walter Goggins) & Tig (Kim Coates), Ratboy (Niko Nicotera) & one of the Diosa girls,  Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) & Jarry (Annabeth Gish) and sadly Juice (Theo Rossi) followed in Otto’s footsteps and became Tully’s (Marilyn Manson) b**ch.

Jax (Charlie Hunnam), who was hooking up with new girl Winsome (Inbar Lavi), broke down and started crying after they had sex, apparently overcome with grief for Tara.

Some fans may not like that he slept with her and his tenderness towards her was a little uncomfortable to watch, but at least it shows he is getting his head on straight (no pun intended).

Also on the love front:

Venus (Walter Goggins) returned and revealed to Tig that he is in love with him in what was one of the shows most emotionally draining scenes to date.

Nero told Jax he wants to sell his half of Diosa to Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) and made plans to head to the farm with Gemma- but we all know that is probably never going to happen now.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Share your thoughts with us below.

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