Sons of Anarchy S.7 Episode 11 Recap & Streaming: It Was All For Nothing

Episode 11 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ picked up right where last week’s episode left off, as Abels’ big reveal led to Jax uncovering even more lies and coming to ugly realization that everything he did was for nothing. 

Tonight’s episode was a powerfully emotional one, as each new revelation led to scenes fraught with emotion and pain for everyone as all the lies unraveled.

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The episode opened with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) sitting in Abels’ room in shock thinking about what his son said about grandma killing Tara.  

When he comes out of the room Wendy (Drea De Matteo) lays yet another bombshell on him: Juice (Theo Rossi) was hiding in her apartment when she got out of rehab and Gemma (Katey Sagal) was helping him.

She also tells him that Unser (Dayton Callie) knew, so Jax goes to find some answers.  While talking to Unser he gets even more jaw-dropping news: the man Juice and Gemma ID’d as Tara’s killer wasn’t even in the state the night Tara died.

Jax then had Unser arrange for a meeting with Juice, knowing this is the only way he is going to find out the truth.

Juice, meanwhile, gets Lin alone and gets him to confess that it was the cop Barosky that was the rat.  Juice then killed Lin.

Meanwhile Unser tells Gemma that Jax knows she was hiding Juice and that she ID’d the wrong Chinese guy.  She plays it off like it was an honest mistake, but when Unser tells her Jax went to talk to Juice she takes off.

In one of the most intense, heart-pounding scenes of the night Jax tells Juice what Abel did to himself and that he said he heard her tell Thomas she killed mommy.

Jax breaks down and tells Juice his son is a mess and he needs the truth and finally, Juice tells him what really happened, step-by-step, leaving Jax in tears.

Juice also tells him that he and Gemma came up with the lie about the Chinese, which makes Jax realize just how much damage has been done.

Jax then tells Juice that Bobby died because of their lie and that he is grateful Juice leveled with him.  Then, in one of the night’s most chilling moments, Jax tells Juice he will “make sure it’s over quick”, meaning that Juice will be killed.

Juice then calls Gemma to let her know he told Jax the truth about her killing Tara, sending her into a panic.

Chucky, who is at the house with her, pretends Gemma decked him and took his keys when Happy (David Labrava)  and Rat (Nico Nikotera) come looking for her, buying her time to escape.

Gemma then arranges for Nero (Jimmy Smits) to come and meet her

In the meantime Unser tells Jax that the video of his meeting with Juice was blank and he is done helping him.  He then pushes Jax too far, calling him a thug and saying Jax didn’t care enough about Tara, so Jax slugs him.

Unser has Jarry (Annabeth Gish) put out an APB on Jax until they can figure out what is going on.

When Nero meets Gemma he asks her why she is saying goodbye and what is really going on.  She doesn’t say but Jax calls him and when Nero asks why he’s looking for Gemma Jax tells him the truth.

Nero asks Gemma if it’s true and she says it is; Nero tells her she should go, then in a real heart-breaking scene  falls apart sobbing.

Jax avoids the APB, then sits the club down and tells them about Gemma.

It was a moment of truth for Jax, who tells the club he will try to make it right and that he takes responsibility for believing the lies and putting them all at risk.

It was hard to watch Jax wrestle with the fact that his mother viciously murdered his wife and that all the carnage that took place, including how he tortured that man, was for nothing.

Needless to say the club is stunned but they all show him love in the face of this unbelievable news.

Then, in the most touching scene of the night Jax and Nero have a heart-to-heart talk: 2 men who are broken because of Gemma.

Nero tells Jax killing Gemma will kill him and Jax agrees with him, breaking down and crying uncontrollably as he admits that even though he hates her she is his mom and he still loves her.

What did you think of episode 11 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’?  Tell us your thoughts below.

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