Sons of Anarchy S7 Ep.11 Spoilers: Gemma Takes Her Own Life [Video]

After last weeks stunning reveal (finally!!) on ‘Sons of Anarchy’  that grandma killed mommy it looks like everyone’s favorite villain, Gemma (Katey Sagal) is about to meet the Grim Reaper and what’s even more shocking is that it appears she will take her own life!

Now I know a lot of fans are probably screaming at me right now, saying “no way!! Gemma is too strong to ever kill herself” but I think it is precisely because of that strength that she will do it.

Gemma, from day one, has always done things on HER terms and I don’t think her death will be any different.

In the promo clip for episode 11 we see her alone in a room with a gun, we see Nero (jimmy Smits), outside on the sidewalk hysterically crying, there is a pool of blood near a chair and we see Jax (Charlie Hunnam) racing somewhere.

While the idea of Gemma taking her own life never occurred to me before, now that it has it makes perfect sense.  Here’s why:

1. Gemma knows Abel, her precious grandbaby hates her,which I think will push her over the edge.

Once Jax finds out she has nothing left- the MC, Charming and everything she loves will be gone forever. I’m guessing Jax is racing to stop her so he can confront her.  

2. Even Nero, who truly loves her won’t stand beside her, knowing the destruction her lies caused (not to mention that his son was almost kidnapped as a result).

Speaking of which, the promo clip of Nero in the throes of grief has me convinced Gemma is dead.  I think Gemma’s death is the only thing that would elicit such a deep, emotional reaction out of him.

3. Gemma would be doing what Gemma always does- calling the shots.  It would be pure Gemma to  give everyone one last middle finger by doing it before they do.

4. In a weird way she does love Jax- ending her own life would spare him from having to do it. While I’m not sure she is that unselfish, it is a possibility.

5. Last, but not least, it is the kind of twist show creator Kurt Sutter would throw at us because while it is the last thing anyone would suspect, it makes sense.

Do you think Gemma will end her own life?  Watch the promo clip below and tell us what you think.

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