Sons of Anarchy S7 Ep.12 Recap&Streaming: Jax Chooses Death

Tonight’s episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ left viewers realing as the tragic events of the night saw Jax choose death over life as he finally faced off with Gemma .

For those who missed it episode 12, will be available for streaming through several outlets:

FX Networks has the episode available to watch for free, but it can only be accessed through a participating cable provider.

Amazon has the episode available through their Amazon Instant Video Service 1.99 (SD) & $2.99 (HD).

Amazon is free to jon and there is no membership fee required to use these services.

Hulu Plus  also has the episode, but since the current season is still airing it can  only be accessed using a participating cable provider.

Hulu Plus costs $7.99 a month.

A lot happened in tonight’s episode, but the most chilling thing about the episode is Jax’s resignation to die.

It isn’t  until halfway through the episode that viewers realize Jax’s plan to make things right means he will have to sacrifice his own life.

Jax starts by brokering a deal between the Mayans, Vatos and Tyler to run guns and drugs, but Connor and the Kings don’t want to play ball.

That ends up working out though, because Roarke, one of the Kings, wants Connor gone and tells SAMCRO to kill him.

After the meeting Jax tells Nero (Jimmy Smits) to take Wendy (Drea DE Matteo) and the boys to the farm with him and the 2 shared an emotional moment, with Jax thanking him for looking out for his boys.

In what was a sign of things to come Jax tells Nero he hopes the boys visit the farm a lot- the way he says it is odd.

He uses the wrong tense, like he knows he isn’t going to live much longer.

Gemma meanwhile, hitches a ride with a trucker to see her dad- and sees the homeless woman that often appears to her and Jax along the way.

Jax ends up meeting with Unser (Dayton Callie) and finally tells him the truth about Tara. Unser breaks down when Jax and the rest of the club leaves, just one more person destroyed by Gemma’a actions.

Then, Jax finally meets with the club presidents and tells them the truth: that Jurry wasn’t the rat and his need for revenge blinded him to the truth.

The presidents tell him there will have to be a mayhem vote and in that moment it is obvious Jax knew that would be his fate and is willing to accept it to protect the club.

He tells them he is okay with it and he will make sure the club votes the right way- providing they get rid of an old bylaw that is on the books.

He then lies to the club and says its all going to work out, not telling them his plan.

Meanwhile the nursing home calls Wendy, who tips off Jax that Gemma is there.

Nero goes to Unser and tells him he has to go arrest Gemma.  Unser  thinks Nero is protecting Gemma, but he explains that it’s not about Gemma- he’s trying to save Jax from killing his own mother and what is left of his soul.

Juice (Theo Rossi) meanwhile, got gang-raped by Lin’s men and ordered to kill Tully (Marilyn Manson).

Instead, he tells Tully their plan, then lets him kills Tully can honor his promise to Jax.

It was a sad ending for Juice, but there was really no other way out for him.

Unser finally tracks down Gemma and tells her he needs to take her in before Jax finds her, but she says no.

Like her son, she is resolved to her fate.

When Jax does show up he tells Unser to leave, but Unser refuses and pulls a gun on Jax.

Jax ends up killing Unser and Gemma and Jax finally face off, a moment fans have been waiting for since the end of season 6.

The scene was beyond gut wrenching, as you could see the anguish on both their faces as each knew there was no way out for them.

Gemma asks to go out to the rose garden and Jax breaks down before he can kill her.

But then Gemma tells him he has to do it, it’s who the are and finally, he pulls the trigger, ending her suffering but intensifying his own.

Needless to say Jax is an emotional mess and heads home; Wendy comes out and sees his distress and the 2 end up making love.

What did you think of tonight’s dramatic episode?  What do you think will happen now? Tell us in the comments section below.

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