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There was a lot of speculation before the start of episode 4 about who the “poor little lambs” might be, but after last night’s shocking ending it is painfully clear.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ creator Kurt Sutter said this was going to be a very bloody season and he wasn’t lying as viewers were left stunned to see Colette and the rest of the girls from Diosa full of bullet holes at the hands of Lin’s men.

It was a shocking, poignant scene not because of all the blood and bodies, but because those girls really were like poor little lambs brought to slaughter and everyone, from Jax to Nero was visibly distraught.

It was also the punctuation mark on what turned out to be a very violent final 15 minutes, as Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) complicated plan for revenge seems to be spiraling out of control.

It all started when One-Niner leader Tyler came to Jax asking for help to locate  freaky Pastor Haddem, whom the club mistakenly killed last week.

Turns out Marks needs the signature of the pastor or his wife for a shady land deal.

Jax, in an effort to stop Marks from digging to find out what the club did to the Haddem, went digging himself (literally) and dug up the Haddem’s body to find info on his family.

They found a phone showing the pastor and everyone’s favorite transvestite, Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) together and went to pay her a visit to find the wife.

Tigs (Kim Coates) ends up getting shot by the pastors step-son and while recuperating he and Venus shared a steamy on-screen kiss.

It just got worse from there as  Jax, Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) went to do a  drug trade for Tully  after that scene with the pastor’s family were followed by Officers Eglee and Cane.

The guys they met for Tully thought SAMCRO brought the cops and end up shooting Eglee & Cane.  Cane died and Eglee is barely alive- just more lambs caught in the crossfire.

As icing on the cake Lin’s men also through a grenade through the window of Scoops while Sheriff Jarry was talking with the club.  No one was hurt, but it was further proof that the war is not going to end well for many.

Juice (Theo Rossi), meanwhile,  had a major melt down front of Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Wendy (Drea De Matteo)as he realized the walls are closing in on him and he is on his own.

Gemma appears to want to help him and offers to drive Juice to her dad’s lake house, but she is seen packing a gun for the trip- so Juice might want to start looking for another way out.

Nero (Jimmy Smits) has a serious talk with Gemma and tells her is scared that Jax is becoming unhinged and enjoying the violence.  Ironic how Nero is more worried about Jax than Gemma is.

Gemma might want to start worrying about herself, as she continued her disturbing dialogue with Tara’s ghost and spoke abut Abel being just like Jax.

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