‘Sons of Anarchy’ fans have been wondering for months if Jax (Charlie Hunnam) would go to jail for Tara’s murder. Now it looks like they have their answer.

Images have been released by Zap2it of Jax on set in a standard orange prison jumpsuit, which means he will be behind bars for at least part of the final season.

How long he’ll be behind bars, or why, is unclear, but odds are it will be because of his wife’s brutal murder.

Jax had made a deal with the D.A, prior to Tara’s death. to do jail time in order to protect Tara and the club, but it is unlikely that will be what  lands him behind bars.

At the end of season 6, Jax was found with Tara’s lifeless body by the D.A. who would love to see him behind bars and SAMCRO dismantled.

Jax’s mother, Gemma (Katey Segal), actually killed Tara in a rage over her son going to prison for her. Fellow club member Juice (Theo Rossi) found Gemma before Jax got there and helped her leave the scene, taking the evidence with him and leaving Jax as suspect number 1.

This news also confirms our suspicions of how Jax and Marilyn Manson’s character, Ron Tully,  would get together, since Tully is reported to be a powerful white supremacist in the prison system.

All this is speculation at this pint. All we really know is that Jax is in a prison jumpsuit.  Knowing the show’s creator and certified madman Kurt Sutter, it could be a Halloween episode and the jumpsuit is Jax’s Halloween costume.

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ final season will air this September on FX.

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