As the final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ gets closer and closer to the end fans will be surprised to learn that the final ride has yet to be filmed.

This news comes courtesy of Jimmy Smits, who told Yahoo that they are currently filming episode 11 and Nero is still very much alive.

This will come as great news to fans, as many believed Nero would be one of the 1st to go.

Smits wouldn’t reveal  who he was filming with, so we have no clue as to who else might be there at the end, except for Jax (Charlie Hunnam) who said in an earlier interview that he was also alive in episode 11.

Speaking of Hunnam, he gave an interesting interview to Entertainment Weekly, where he hinted that Jax will at some point find his soul and get back on the right path.

I have said numerous times that the Jax we are seeing right now is not the Jax we have known throughout the show and Hunnam more or less echoed that sentiment.

He told EW that right now :” He’s an outlaw and this is the way he is and that’s just the [expletive] reality of it now and everybody better [expletive] like it you know.  And that’s just total [expletive] [expletive] becase that’s not who he is.  He is a soulful guy and a real thinker and I don’t think he’s giving himself the opportunity to really mourn Tara’s loss in a way that is significant…”

This makes total sense, as he lost Tara right on the heels of losing Opie, so it is only natural that he avoids dealing with the pain and grief and masks it with violence.  Denial and anger often come before tears, so this all plays very true.

At some point though, he has to snap out of it for his kid’s sake, which Hunnam also intimates will happen, as he goes on to say that: ” we’re getting into a place now where there is a much more honest kind of reflection and exploration of what he’s doing and who he is and how this means was manifested or was catalyzed by him seeing the perpetuation of this cycle in his children…”

So for the small, but vocal contingent of fans who have complained that Jax is not mourning Tara right or being a good dad be a little patient as it seems those tears will be flowing soon enough.

What do you think the final ending will be?  Do you think Jax can be saved?  Share your thoughts with us below.