Wishes really do come true..

‘Sons of Anarchy’ fans have been hoping and praying SOA would return to TV and it looks like that wish was granted today.

According to articles by The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly and TV Line Kurt Sutter is in the process of developing an SOA spin-off for FX that will center around the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

As of now Sutter is not speaking on the matter, so there are few details available in regards to the time frame of the show and who will be appearing.

However, if Sutter decides to go back to the early days of the Mayans then we may see several SAMCRO members make a return as well.

In the past there has been talk about doing a possible SOA prequel about the first nine ( a reference to the founding members of SOA), so this may be a prelude or tie-in to that.

During SOA’s phenomenal 7 seasons the Mayans, who were rivals of the Sons, were featured prominently.

Led by president Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera), they were a predominantly Mexican-American club that traded on the heroin business.

Eventually, SAMCRO and the Mayans built a tenuous working relationship, so this spin-off would be a great way to continue the SOA franchise and shed some light on old story lines.

Are you excited about an SOA spin-off featuring the Mayans?

Who do you want to see make an appearance?

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