Sony Releases Its Free PlayStation Plus Catalog For April 2014

Sony Releases Its Free PlayStation Plus Catalog For April 2014

With March coming to a close, Sony has decided to give US gamers a taste of the free content that PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect throughout the month of April. Here’s a little info about each game!

  • Mercenary Kings (PS4): Stop an evil Corporation called CLAW from taking over the world. The experience is a retro co-op shooter similar to Contra.
  • Batman: Arkham City (PS3): The second game in the Batman Arkham trilogy. Cited by many critics as the best of the three, it sports high-octane action, gadgets. and beloved bosses from the DC comic universe. [96 Metacritic]
  • Stealth Inc. A Clone In The Dark (PS3): A stealth platformer with no weapons involved. Sneak through eighty levels to make sure your clone character survives extinction. [78 Metacritic]
  • Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (PS3): A remake of the 1990 classic for Sega Genesis. Run and jump your way through various enchanted lands to save Minnie from the clutches of an evil king. [67 Metacritic]
  • Velocity Ultra (PS Vita): An intergalactic puzzler and shooter that includes difficult puzzle solving, great music, and is one of the most positively reviewed Vita titles ever made. [87 Metacritic]
  • Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD (PS Vita): This is a remake of the 2009 PSP classic. As Tikiman the Forest Defender, it’s your job to build towers and defenses to make sure your kids aren’t attacked by heinous monsters.  [84 Metacritic]

For about fifty dollars a year, PlayStation users can enroll in Plus to receive free monthly games, discounts, and online multiplayer for PS4. Which game are you most excited about?

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