Sony will be joining the tablet market later in the year with two products that will run on Google’s Android operating system.

The two new tablets are being called S1 and S2 during the interim, but are expected to be released under their official names after fall of this year. The S1 tablet will resemble most of the other tablets on the market and will boast a 9.4″ touchscreen display. But the S2 is somewhat unique, with a clamshell design that will open and close, and it will house two 5.5″ touchscreen displays.

Sony has announced that the tablets will have Wi-Fi or mobile phone connectivity, though they have not specified which carrier they will work with. In regards to price the company merely said the new tablets would be competitive.

Sony is one of the last companies to enter the tablet market that was created by Apple over a year ago and has remained dominated by their iPad since then. The S1 and S2 face a lot of competition in an industry being swamped by new products that are all trying to compete and take a share of the customers from the iPad. This year has also seen the introduction of the iPad 2, the Motorola Xoom and most recently the Blackberry Playbook.

Still, Sony holds high hopes that within a year their tablets will have taken over the market and will be considered top of the line.