Sony recently recalled the Vaio Fit 11A laptop through a post on the support webpage because of a risk of catching fire. The problem was identified in a battery manufactured through an outsource contract by Panasonic.

Since the official sales release in February, 3,600 units were sold in Japan, 7,000 in Europe, 500 in US, 5,600 in Latin America and 2,000 in China. The total number of units sold is over 25,000.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sales of the Vaio Fit 11A were stopped at the beginning of April and there are 3 incidents of a unit catching fire in China and Hong Kong.

Sony identified the problem in non-removable battery packs that can “potentially malfunction and cause overheating, resulting in partial burns to the chassis of the PC”.

If you bought a Sony Vaio Fit 11A, you are advised to check the serial number on the machine and see if it matches the list here. If so:

“…if you are in possession of one of the PCs listed above, please immediately turn off your computer, disconnect it from its AC adapter and discontinue use.”

The Sony Vaio Fit 11A is the last of the Vaio series. The company unveiled their plans to sell the PC business in February. This recall is said to not affect the stocks much as the number of affected units is not high. The last Vaio recall was of over 500,000.

If you recently bought a Sony Vaio Fit 11A, make sure that you check the list highlighted on the Sony website and follow the recall steps.