Sony Xperia Z, Unlocked, Now Available In US From Sony & NewEgg

Sony Xperia Z, Unlocked, Now Available In US From Sony & NewEgg

The Sony’s Xperia Z is now available in the US.

Surprisingly though, the smartphone is not available through AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or any other carrier.

The only purchasing option is un-subsidized. Straight-up. Full price.

And the only model available so far is the HSPA+ 3G version. There’s no word on when an LTE model will be available for the US.

The Xperia Z can be purchased directly from Sony for $629.99.

The company is offering the phone in three colors, white, black, and purple. They do provide 6, 12 or 36 month interest free financing (though GE Capital). also has the Xperia Z today – and they slightly undercut Sony’s price. Their price is $599.99 for the white or purple version. NewEgg matches Sony’s price, $629.99, on the black one.

The Xperia Z stirred a lot of excitement when it was first introduced. It took a while to get to market though. And now it launches at a time when shoppers attention is drawn away by the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Add to that the phone not being available through a carrier, and not subsidized… Sony may have missed the boat on this one.

Do you consider the  Xperia Z to be so good that you would buy it un-subsidized?

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Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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