Sony’s PS4 Reveal Lacked Exclusive Details, No Edge Over Xbox 720 – Analyst

Sony’s PS4 Reveal Lacked Exclusive Details, No Edge Over Xbox 720 – Analyst

Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will be competing head to head in a race to be the dominant next-gen console when they are released later this year.

Sony made the first move by announcing the PS4 at PlayStation Meeting 2013.

There were many reports in the blogosphere that Sony’s early move will give the company an advantage over Microsoft, but an industry analyst thinks otherwise.

Eric Handler, of MKM Partners, told NowGamer that Sony has created a lot of buzz, but the reaction has been mixed, and there is still a lot of unknowns about the PS4.

Handler believes price is one of the key aspects missing, and that the PS4 will require a good price to compete against the Xbox 720.

“Last cycle Sony really hurt itself with its $599 US launch price,” Handler said, referring to the launch of the PS3. Despite it being a more powerful system, shoppers weren’t interested at that price and “the system lacked sufficient exclusive titles to win back market share from Microsoft.”

The press conference for Sony PS4 also lacked exclusives to give them an edge at this point.

Still, interest is high. GameStop has received 600,000+ sign ups on their PS4 Be The First To Know page.

Do you feel Sony has an edge with the  PS4, or will MS win out with the Xbox 720?

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