According to a software developer working on the iWatch, Apple wants to “combine the features of the Samsung smartwatch (Galaxy Gear) and the Nike Fuel Band.”

The developer, who prefers to remain anonymous, also said that Apple’s focus is “on making the iWatch able to perform independent functions and not rely too heavily on your mobile device, like the Samsung smartwatch does.”

Apple is “designing a full version of iOS 8 for the iWatch to run on, but it’s going to be modified and optimized to perform the best it can on the iWatch,” said the developer.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch syncs to your phone via bluetooth and let’s you know if you’ve received calls, texts or emails. You can also check the weather and a minimalist Facebook feed. Basically, the Samsung smartwatch acts as a pager for your mobile device.

The Nike Fuel Band a is wrist device that focuses on a users fitness activities. It tracks steps, calories burned, and keeps you motivated through achievements. Oh, it also tells time.

By combining the features of a smartwatch and a fitness band, Apple will be able to dominate the market of wrist-wearable’s.

After all, why would you buy  a Samsung Galaxy Gear or a Nike Fuel Band when you could have both in one streamlined product?

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