GavelHe came out of nowhere and surprised everyone when he won the South Carolina Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate seat, but now he must face criminal charges. 

Alvin Greene was indicted for disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity, and  communicating an obscene message to another person without consent.

Greene stated that his lawyer is dealing with the indictments.

S.C. Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler has officially asked Greene to withdraw his candidacy in the election, due to the indictments against him.

In November, Greene was charged with showing a student at the University of South Carolina pornographic material on a school library computer. The alleged victim also says Greene asked to come to her room.

When Green won the primary on June 8th, it shocked the South Carolina political establishment. He was virtually unheard of, and had run what appeared to be no campaign. His opponent claimed irregularities in the voting machines, but the state party denied the request to overturn.

It was after the win that the criminal charges became public knowledge. Leaders asked him to step aside for that, and other reasons. Democratic leaders felt he could not hold a serious campaign again Republican Jim DeMint.

Green is not talking about his charges. His only comment on the matter was “I’m innocent until proven guilty….I’m concentrating on my campaign issues: jobs, education and justice.” Afterwards he refused to answer any further questions.

This is not the only controversy that surrounds Greene. Many have asked how a 32 year old with little personal wealth could have afforded the $10,440 filing fee to end up on the ballot. It was determined that he used his own money, though no bank records were subpoenaed.