Southwest Airlines Flights Delayed Nationwide- What Travelers Need To Know

Southwest Airlines suffered a technology glitch to their system this morning, causing nationwide delays that are still ongoing.

The “technology glitch”, as the airline is calling it, has affected the company’s internal reservation system, website and mobile app, wreaking havoc for travelers.

Flights are delayed as attendants check-in passengers manually, leading to extremely long lines and passenger being stranded from missing flights.

As of now Southwest is reporting delays on over 450 flights nationwide.

They do not know what caused the problem or when it will be fixed and with the work week set to start many are worried the problem will only get worse.

Southwest is urging passengers to get to the airport at least 2 hours earlier than their flight time, but you may want to get there sooner based on reports from social media.

Pictures on Twitter and other sites show passenger from LAX and Phoenix lined up by the thousands, with attendants handing out bottled water at some places (you can see pics below).

You can also contact your airport to make sure your flight is still scheduled.

Consumer Press will continue to update you as news becomes available.

Are you affected by the Southwest Airlines delays?

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