Spock Documentary Seeks Kickstarter Backing

Adam Nimoy, son of esteemed actor, Leonard Nimoy, has begun a Kickstarter project, that would honor the character his father is best known for: Spock.

The film, titled “For The Love of Spock,” is scheduled for a 2016 release date, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the “Star Trek” original series. Both Adam and Leonard were working on the project up until father Nimoy’s death back in February 2015. They had chosen 455 Films, with their history of working with “Star Trek” related projects in the past, to produce the feature. Actor Zachary Quinto, currently portraying the character Spock in J.J. Abram’s latest rendition of the franchise, is set to narrate the film.

The documentary, if fully funded and completed, will feature the character Spock’s inception, production, and evolution through the decades. Actors from the original “Trek” cast will be interviewed, as well as celebrities who offer insight and inspiration of, and by, the alien Vulcan seen on both television and on the big screen.

Much of the material intended to be used is unlicensed and costly, which is the justification for the intended goal.

As of this writing, the project is just over $50,000 funded out of its $600,000 goal, with 27 days remaining.

Would you fund this project? Have you already? What is your favorite Spock moment throughout the years? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Consumer Expert Scott Wilkins

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