HelixSyfy’s Helix opens episode 8 with a vector (infected person) crawling through air ducts.

He pauses when he sees Julia, Alan, and Sarah. Bright green lines cover Alan and Sarah, but Julia appears normal when the vector scans his prey.

This helps viewers understand Julia surviving a close encounter with another vector in episode 7. Dr. Hitake injected her with another virus when he treated her vector symptoms.

Sara later examines reinvigorated Julia who reveals her “light sensitivity,” and silver eyes. Julia’s sudden recovery puts her in mortal danger, since Constance demands a cure.

Constance considers Julia property of Ilaria. Julia escapes into the air ducts and frees Hitake who lost command of the base during Constance’s hostile takeover.

Alan and Sarah decide to kill Constance. Their failed attempt to kill her and restore Hitake’s command puts Peter, Alan’s brother, in danger. That is until, in a strange twist, the vectors rescue Peter.

On the heels of Constance’s remark, “Ain’t family a bitch,” Julia realizes Hitake is her father. While she reels from this revelation, Ilaria captures Julia and makes plans to fly from the Artic base with her.

In a violent turn of events, Hitake kills Constance and adds her to his collection of frozen heads. At the same time, Alan frees Julia. Hitake resumes control of the base, but Julia feels lost and demonstrates survivor’s guilt.

Though the immediate threat is gone, the crew isn’t out of danger. Vectors infest the base and there is still no cure.