Galaxy S4 Pre-order Sprint Contract OptionsThere’s bad news for shoppers who were looking to pre-order Galaxy S4 through Sprint.

The pre-orders are sold out, and Sprint says they are not expected to open for pre-orders again until April 27th.

While Sprint’s listed price is the highest for the device, those who switch from another carrier to Sprint receive a $100 credit, which brings down the actual price for non-Sprint customers down to $149.99.

However, there are other options available for those who want a Sprint contract with Galaxy S4 and don’t want to wait till the above date.

Amazon wireless is selling the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S4 with a two-year Sprint contract for $149.99. The delivery date is April 27th. Both black and white colors are available

Best Buy is offering the S4 with either Sprint or Verizon contracts. The Sprint Galaxy S4 at Best Buy is priced at $249.99 and is available in both black and white options at the retailer.