During our coverage of Apple’s launch of the new iPad, you may have noticed there was no mention of Sprint.

AT&T was there, along with the pricing of their data plans as per Apple.com. Verizon was there, with their data pricing as per Apple as well.

But no mention of Sprint. For some reason the carrier was simple not brought up in Apple’s launch of the iPad. Sprint was also not listed on Apple.com’s rundown of the data plan pricing. There’s likely a story there, but we haven’t heard it.

The-New-iPadHowever, Engadget reported earlier today that they have a leaked photo of a computer screen showing a listing for several versions of the new iPad – for Sprint – in Best Buy’s inventory database. So while it wasn’t mentioned in the Apple launch, it appears from the photo that there will be an iPad for the Sprint 4G LTE network.

The new iPad, which is not being called the iPad 3, it’s just the new iPad, was launched last Wednesday. Apple will be selling three Wi-Fi versions, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. There will also be three 4G versions available, with the same storage sizes. The AT&T and Verizon models will be available starting March 16, along with a Wi-Fi versions. It’s unknown when this suspected Sprint model will be available.