Sprint’s Galaxy Tab Getting An Update – What To Expect

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab has been an old gadget by now – But still it is a very popular device. This 7-inch Android tablet, once talked about as an iPad killer, was an instant hit after the release, even though the OS (Android Froyo) which it featured was not optimized for tablets.

An update was released for Samsung Galaxy Tab a few days ago though, but not all of the users were lucky enough to get it. On July 5, the Sprint version of Samsung Galaxy Tab will get the taste of Gingerbread. This will be an OTA (Over The Air) update, and it will take about four days for the complete update.

It is not necessity to connect the tablet with Samsung Kies to get this update. Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy Tab is already available in Taiwan, and with that update the Tab has acquired some new features. One that users in Taiwan have reported is improved system responsiveness. Unfortunately, they also say that two hoped for features, screen-off animation and network bar icons that change color depending on the devices sync status to Google, didn’t make it onto the Tab.

Of course, users are always looking for updated Android tablets, and what many are anticipating most is the Honeycomb OS. Recently, several manufacturers have announced their 7-inch tablets with Honeycomb, and they should begin reaching customers by September. Such a late upgrade to Gingerbread for the Galaxy Tab may mean that it will be a while before an upgrade to Honeycomb. But still, an update will be useful for many Galaxy Tab owners. The Gingerbread update will be received automatically when users turn their Tabs on during the update period and accept the prompt for updating.