When Vancouver lost the much anticipated Stanley Cup, the city went wild – literally. Riots broke out in the streets as the town showed its outrage at the loss. Amid all of that, a photo taken by a Getty Images photographer revealed a couple in the street smooching.

After circulating the web via blog posts, emails, IMs, Facebook, CBC and the Toronto Star, the identity of the kissing couple was finally revealed. The young man is Scott Jones, a bartender from Austrailia, and the young lady is Alex Thomas, a college student in Canada.

The identity of the kissing couple was first revealed by Jones’s sister Hannah, who recognized him and told an Australian news network. When dear old Dad saw the photo, he commented on his FaceBook page: “This is my son hows that for making love not war!”

The kissing couple went to see game 7 in Vancouver. According to CBS news, Thomas was knocked down by a police shield and Jones went to comfort her, giving her a kiss in the process. Photographer Rich Lam told reporters that it was a lucky shot, that he wasn’t actually looking at where he was shooting because of all the comotion going on around him on the streets of Vancouver.

The kissing couple will be taking a trip to California together before Jones returns to Australia. They have been dating since Jones arrived in Vancouver on a working holiday. The future of their relationship is unknown at this time.