Cloud Imperium Games has now released their Dogfighting Module for Star Citizen.

Anyone backing Start Citizen’s funding campaign now has access to the officially released Dogfighting Module. This new addition currently includes access to three ships and limited multiplayer support.

Gamers should be aware that this Dogfighting component of the game is in early development (Version 0.8) and is very far from finished or polished. There have been numerous reported lag, FPS spiking, and synchronization issues with the new Star Citizen addition.

Lead Developer of Star Citizen and found of Cloud Imperium Games has stated the following: “Remember, Version 0.8 is just the beginning. It’s the start of a hard push for the development team as we head towards V0.9 and finally V1.0, at which point Arena Commander will be ‘feature complete’ with the modes, maps and options promised at PAX.”

You can view a full trailer of the Dogfighting Module below.

Currently, Star Citizen is the largest crowd-funded project of all time. It’s currently funded by $44 million supplied by 460,000 backers.

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