Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Order & Release Date Information

After Gamestop accidentally listed the pre-order information on their website for Star Wars: The Old Republic for a short period of time, EA Games have enabled gamers to pre-order from three different versions of the game. The three different versions are the Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition. There is not much information regarding the Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition, but there is verified information regarding the Collector’s Edition of the game.

The collectors edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) looks as if it is going to retail for the price of $149.99 and will include the following:

– Star Wars: The Old Republic game disks in a collectible metal case
– High-quality Collector’s Edition box
– The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural annotated by Staele Shan
– The Old Republic galaxy map
– Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
– Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD

The pre-order of SWTOR will include the following in-game bonuses and items:

– Flare Gun
– Training Droid
– HoloDancer
– HoloCam
– Exclusive Mouse Droid
– Exclusive Collector’s Edition Store

Gamestop has also confirmed the box art that was revealed earlier, stating that pre-order accounts will even gain early access to the game as well as a color store to personalize the color of the weapons. Pre-ordering is available in most countries, including the US.

The release date is expected to be announced any day now at the San Diego Comic-Con that is currently taking place. Check back soon for the official release date!

Consumer Expert Ariel Relaford

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