Starting today Starbucks Frapp lovers have one more option when it comes to their favorite frothy concoction: the mini-Frappucino is now available for a limited time.

The mini-Frappucciono is 10-ounces and is available in any flavor; it can also be customized to your specific tastes like any other size Frapp.

Starbucks did a test of the mini last year and hasn’t indicated if it will become a permanent addition to the menu.

The mini-Frappuccino is just the latest in a long line of new Frappuccinos offerings: there was the limited-edition Birthday cake Frapp, the S’mores Frapp , Frappuccino cookie straws and most recently Frappuccino Happy Hour (ends today).

Yet all those choices still weren’t enough, as the company is reporting that consumers have been asking for more when it comes to Frappuccino sizing, hence this latest creation.

While the mini-Frapp is only slightly smaller than a Tall (12-ounces), it is believed the 2-ounce difference will appeal to consumers looking for a quick jolt of heaven.

Will you be trying out the new mini-Frappuccino from Starbucks?  Tell us what you think below.