StarGate Universe: Cliffhanger Unfinished, Premature Cancellation

StarGate Universe, referred to as SGU by fans, will end tonight with a cliffhanger, and will never be finished, according to StarGate writer and executive producer Brad Wright.

The series, which has aired on the SyFy channel for the last two years, is part of the StarGate franchise, which began with the StarGate movie, then moved to TV with StarGate: SG-1. SG-1 was followed up by two movies to wrap it up after it’s cancellation, StarGate: Ark Of Truth and Continuum, followed by (concurrent actually) with StarGate Atlantis, and last came StarGate Universe.

The StarGate Universe cliffhanger was initially going to be resolved with a movie after word of the cancellation came, according to Wright. But last month he said that, due to time constraints, the movie won’t be made. According to Wikipedia, Wright has “packed his desk, ending 17 years of Stargate television production.”

During it’s second season, StarGate Universe’s audience declined. The timeslot of the show moved twice during the second season, from Friday night to Tuesday night, then to Monday night. Many fans blamed this for the decline, as did Wright, “I think getting moved on the schedule has hurt us.”

SyFy watchers have been critical of the network, which bills itself as being science fiction themed. Many complain of it’s abrupt cancelling of true sci-fi shows, while favoring fantasy and, of all things, pro-wrestling.

Mark Wilson, an guide for sci-fi/fantasy tv shows, said the cancellation was a mistake by the network. “Syfy is now entering a period where it will experience more and more difficulty convincing science-fiction fans that it should be taken seriously,” he wrote on his blog.

The final episode, the season and series finale, aired tonight at 10pm.

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