Today, Steam released its In-home streaming service to the public. You can now stream any game from any PC to other computers in your house – and yes, this does include your television.

After being in a beta stage since January, the new game-streaming service from Steam will now allow you to stream games directly from your main gaming computer to any other capable device on your network.

For example, you could have a game running on a computer in your bedroom and have it displayed on your television in the living room.

Please remember that a computer has to be hooked up to your television for this to take place.

As of right now, you can only stream from a device operating on Windows to Linux, SteamOS, or OS X. Valve has confirmed that it will release software updates in the future to allow streaming from all operating systems.

Unfortunately, as you would expect, this system is far from perfection. Users of this service have experienced multiple problems such as low FPS, increased input lag, texture glitches, and freezing of the streaming service.

Have you used Steam’s new streaming service?

How was your experience with it?

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