Steam has set up another free weekend bonanza, with 10 titles free to play until Sunday, October 18.

Those that want to add these titles to their library for good will also find it easier to do so thanks to all the steep, steep discounts slapped on to every one of them:

    Awesomenauts – 2D-side scrolling MOBA with sprite graphics (75% off to $2.49 if buying)
    Blade Symphony – slash-em-up fighter with swordplay mechanics (75% off to $3.74 if buying)
    Company of Heroes 2 – World War 2 strategy game (75% off to $9.99 if buying)
    Don’t Starve –  wilderness survival game with a dark and unique aesthetic (66% off to $5.09 if buying)
    Grid 2 – sequel to BAFTA-winning racing game (75% off to $7.49 if buying)
    Injustice: Gods Among Us – fighter featuring DC’s most iconic heroes and villains (50% off to $9.99 if buying)
    Killing Floor – co-op survival horror FPS (75% off to $4.99 if buying)
    Payday 2 – co-op bank heist FPS (75% off to $7.49 if buying)
    Trine 2 – sidescrolling platformer with bright, vibrant color palettes (80% off to $3.99 if buying)
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown – turn-based sci-fi strategy game pitting humans against alien invaders (75% off to $7.50 if buying)

You can check out each title by visiting the “Free Weekend Weekend” page on the Steam store.