Fill your hated zombie team manager with staples and set the entire office on fire with molotov cocktails in Corporate Lifestyle Simulator – now at 75% off!

The game itself is an isometric shoot-em-up that puts you in the shoes of The Dude – a corporate drone whose supervisors and managers mysteriously become flesh-eating zombies.

Or at least zombies that spew inane buzzwords like “innovation, ad hoc, data model” and “cognizant” as they rush to your sweet, sweet flesh.

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator’s humor is another plus point, from tongue-in-cheek admission of bad voice-acting and arguments about Canada’s gun control laws being ‘smart’ during the zombie apocalypse.

And then there’s this quote that got me smirking like an idiot for a good ten minutes:

“I haven’t said a single buzzword or tried to delegate something to you! I’m not a zombie!!!”

This little indie gem has been out since February this year and normally costs $4.99, but the recent sale slashes that price all the way down to $1.75 until the 6th of October.

The vanilla version without the soundtrack costs $1.24, but the excellent music filled with 8-bit chiptune tracks is definitely worth tacking on the extra 50 cents.

You may even want to plunk down a good $4.99 for the official soundtrack itself, which weirdly enough costs more than the actual game.

You can purchase the vanilla and soundtrack editions of Corporate Lifestyle Simulator as well as its official soundtrack via Steam.

Just remember that the sale ends on October 6.

Love the glorious pixelated chaos? All those pixels making your eyes bleed?

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