Think Obama, Cameron, Hollande or Merkel are royal screw-ups and that you can do a better job?

Strap on your campaign hat and prepare to shake hands, for Democracy 3 is now on sale over at Steam!

A 66% discount brings the normal retail price of $24.99 down to $8.49 – making it so much more affordable to try your hand at managing your own virtual political campaign.

You start the game as a freshly-elected leader of your country of choice: from the US and Canada to the UK and Australia.

You then hang on to power, finding the right balance between the wildly different political groups in order to do so.

This little gem eschews pulse-pounding action for careful deliberation where you have to deal with the consequences of your decisions.

Banning abortion will keep the religious factions happy but will earn you the ire of more progressive factions.

Relaxing tax laws will keep many happy – especially the wealthy – but the resulting loss of revenue will force you to look for other ways to finance basic services.

But the game doesn’t stop when you get on top.

You can use your established popularity to pursue personal agendas, from creating space stations and creating green energy to creating a single-party state where you are the ultimate leader of all you survey.

Mess things up enough though, and you could be forcefully deposed – aka assassinated – resulting in the end of your dreams of political grandeur.

The sale ends on October 6, and you can find out more by visiting the Steam page of Democracy 3.

Got assassinated by nuns? Managed to turn the US into one giant communist country?

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