Valve’s Steam platform is known for its vast selection of indie games from hundreds of developers and offering them at steeply discounted rates.

Steam is also known for putting together weekly bundles where you can set your own price for a set cluster of games.

The proceeds from these bundles can be split between Steam, the developer and charity. The percentage of that split is entirely up to you. You can choose to send the entire purchase price to charity or split it equally amongst all three stakeholders.

As a special bonus, those customers that spend over the average cost of the bundle also get rewarded with even more games.

However, this bundle is different.

The Bundle of Love for Brandon is set at a minimum cost of $25 and is not listed the Humble Bundle homepage. The proceeds go entirely towards the Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief fund to cover Brandon’s cancer treatment.

The games currently include the puzzle game World of Goo*, Stacking*, Sokobond, QbQbQb and Wizorb*. The heart-wrenching tale of Thomas Was Alone* is a platformer that sees the company of Blocks That Matter*, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, VVVVVV* and Dynamite Jack*.

There are also titles like the parody of McPixel*, the incredibly short Sepulchre* (with ebook), Shipwreck and Actual Sunlight, the action-packed AirMech, Warp Juggler, Mazing and POP: Methodology Experiment One*.

Fighters are represented by God of Blades* and even RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) titles are present in the form of Auralux, while music rhythm lovers will enjoy Goscurry*.

There are also a handful of unique experiences such as Proteus (an avant garde story experience), Castles in the Sky*, an FPS (First-Person Shooter) title called Fancy Skulls, a compilation of retro-inspired games called Bagful of Wrong, and space-sim Paragon.

Titles above with an asterisk (*) include a soundtrack.

The following soundtracks are also available without their games: BitTrip Beat, BitTrip Fate, BitTrip Runner, Ensnare, and Quixotica.

More games will be added to the list over time, according to Humble Bumble.

Over 132 thousand of these special bundles have sold as of this evening, according to the site. The bundle is set to expire March 21 at 11:59pm (PT).

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