Storm Sensor Gloves Let Skiers Use Touch Screen Devices In The Cold

Storm Sensor Gloves Let Skiers Use Touch Screen Devices In The Cold

Though they can’t actually sense a storm, Outdoor Research Storm Sensor Gloves allow skiers to use touch screen devices without removing their gloves.

There are two reasons smart phones don’t typically see a lot of use out on the slopes. First, touch screens can be difficult to read under the glare of a bright sun. Second, most skiers don’t like to remove their gloves in cold weather to make use of these devices.

Many touch screen devices require a heat source in order to register movement on the screen.

Unlike typical ski gloves, Storm Sensor Gloves incorporate TouchTec leather palms and fingers that allow for heat transfer, while still keeping hands warm.

That transfer of heat allows touch screen devices to be used while wearing the gloves.

Featuring a 100% nylon soft shell with a full fleece-lined interior, the gloves are designed to keep heat in and moisture out. According to Outdoor Research, the hook and loop closures will keep the gloves snug under all sorts of conditions. Primarily a ski glove, the company said they will also work well for other outdoor activities, like hiking and climbing.

Storm Sensor Gloves are offered in men’s sizes small through extra-large. A women’s version, Women’s Sensor Gloves, are also available.

Do you carry your smartphone with you when you’re out on the slopes? Do you ever use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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