The disabled Carnival cruise line holding thousands of passengers and crew is expected to dock in San Diego on Thursday.

As of 7:30 am local time, the Carnival Splendor was four miles from the pier but it was expected that the process would take quite a while.  The cruise ship has been stranded off the coast of Mexico for three days after a fire in the engine room left the ship without power and other necessities.

3300 passengers on board have survived without hot showers, air conditioning or decent food during the ordeal. They have lived on Spam and Pop-Tarts that were brought to them by the USS Ronald Reagan.

Most passengers are aware that the crew has done all it could to ensure their comfort. Some said once the water and bathrooms were usable again things became easier. However, some passengers vow to never cruise with Carnival again despite the free trip being offered to all passengers.

As part of its apology to customers who were stranded, Carnival is offering a full refund of the cost of the cruise as well as transportation costs and a free future cruise.