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Met Life recently showed their appreciation for the military and veterans of this nation by approving many VA loans caught in the middle of VA streamline guideline changes.

The change in VA streamline guidelines would have affected current veterans under contract for VA refinances making the loan void and consequently causing many veterans to miss out on saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Met Life took control of the situation and gave exceptions on the guidelines to help veterans currently in the process complete their refinance and take advantage of low interest rates.

To ensure the veterans in the process received their refinance, Met Life paid money out of their own pocket to take care of these veteran and military loans.

Met Life is one of approved VA lenders and has provided VA loans to thousands of military personnel and veterans nationwide.

Owner of, Eric Kandell, felt the guideline exception was an extremely honorable move to help our nation’s veterans.

“Because Met Life is such a large organization, it would have been easy for them to deny the veterans that were already in the process of refinancing,” Kandell said. “Giving these veterans an exception was definitely the right thing to do.”

Many veterans are currently looking to take advantage of the historically-low interest rates associated with the VA streamline. The current rates have dropped to around 4% for a fixed 30 year loan. Veterans looking to refinance can save hundreds of dollars a month through the VA streamline refinance.

Low VA Rates has been working with Met Life for over three years and has enjoyed helping veterans take advantage of the VA home loan benefit.

“Met Life has been one of our top lenders for the past three years,” Kandell said.  “It’s nice to know they are willing to take care of our veterans even if it costs the company a few extra dollars.”

Met Life is one of the nation’s largest home loan originators with over 200 retail offices and more than 1,300 mortgage consultants nationwide.