Suicide Bomber Attack Kills 41 People In Pakistan

Northwestern Pakistan authorities declared that a suicide blast killed more than 41 people and also wounded many others. We are faced with an attack that appeared after different Taliban insurgents coordinated and launched attacks on different security forces located in another district.

Those attacks killed 24 militants and 11 soldiers.

Khar was the city hit by the suicide attack. According to witnesses the explosion was really powerful and more than thirty people were killed instantly. The others are presumed to have died on their way to the hospital.

What is disturbing is the fact that the suicide bomber attacked a group of people that were receiving packages delivered by World Food Program. Those people were already poor and displaced by the fighting that happens in the area.

A WFP representative in Pakistan declared that no staff member was injured and most of the dead people were IDPs. It seems that the bomb was detonated in the special area that was created in order to screen IDs. The official victim numbers are expected to be released soon but we are in front of a very strong conflict that is hard to be controlled in the area.

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