Fans of the popular ABC crime drama Castle have much to look forward to this summer.

The ABC crime drama Castle focuses on the adventures of novelist Richard Castle and his adventures with members of the New York Police Department’s 12th prescient.

Fans of the show have much to look forward to this summer including the return of Castle’s graphic novel hero Derrick Storm. Storm was Castle’s first private investigator character.  The series first began as a series of novels by Castle.

It has since blossomed into a graphic novel series. The fourth book of this series, Unholy Storm, is due out in early May. Fans of Richard Castle who are planning their summer reading lists will want to grab Unholy Storm on May 6th.

Less than a week after the release of Unholy Storm, the Castle season finale is scheduled for Monday, May 12 at 10/9c. Summer fun for fans of Castle and its star Nathan Fillion is not just contained to May.

Fillion will be appearing along with others including comic book legend Stan Lee at the Phoenix Comicon in June. He will be at the convention on Saturday and Sunday June 7-8. Stan Lee will be there on Sunday only. Memberships for the event are on sale now.