Super Bowl XLVIIISome will be watching Super Bowl XLVIII to see an action-packed game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

Others will be watching to see what creative advertisements companies such as Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, and Anheuser-Busch have created this year.

And since Businessweek estimates that companies are spending approximately $4 million for a 30-second spot in the 2014 Super Bowl, these companies definitely need to create commercials with flair.

Some companies have a little bit more riding on their Super Bowl advertisements since this is their first time purchasing a spot.  Here are some details on the Super Bowl advertisement newcomers:

Chobani– Chobani is an American company that sells Greek yogurt and claims to create “100-calorie yogurt made with only natural ingredients.”

People say that Chobani hopes to win the “yogurt war” with their Super Bowl spot. They have a bit of competition though. Dannon’s Oikos will also have a Super Bowl commercial.

Jaguar– Even though the British company Jaguar has been making sports and luxury cars since 1922, this is their first Super Bowl spot.

Squarespace– Squarespace is a company offering domains, hosting, and commerce services with 24/7 support. Although anyone can use their services, they seem to be targeting small-business owners.

Do you think that Super Bowl commercials are worth the price companies spend on them?

Are you watching the Super Bowl for the game or the commercials?

Do you have a favorite commercial from past Super Bowls?

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