Super Bowl Ads Getting Pre-Game Air Time Online, Here’s A Sample

Remember last year’s Super Bowl ad with the boy in the Darth Vader outfit successfully (in his mind, at least) using the Force to start the Volkswagon? Or the Dorito fan sucking the Dorito dust off his co-worker’s fingers?

A whole new lineup of Super Bowl ads are in store for the 2012 Super Bowl this Sunday. But there’s no need to wait until then to get a peek at the ads. Like last year, many are being shown early, at least partially, on YouTube. Here’s a sampling:

Volkswagon will be following up on last year’s ad with another episode in their Star Wars theme, ‘The Dog Strikes Back’. Not as compelling as last year’s, but it’s worth seeing:

Almost more likeable (though Volkswagon may never live up to the high bar they set with the Darth Vader kid) is ‘The Bark Side,’ with dogs woofing out the ‘The Imperil March.’

More eye-catching, at least for the guys, will be Go Daddy’s “Body Paint” spot, which follows last year’s Go Daddy ad featuring Danica Patrick. In this year’s ad, Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels apply a bit of body paint to super model Natalia Velez:

Hulu Plus returns to the Super Bowl this year, the first time since 2009. They have released this ‘teaser’… we do hope it’s building up to something more:

CareerBuilder has an ad that many who have worked in offices will relate to:

And from Audi, one that we expect will get lots of talk. It’s a real party killer:

There will be other ads, from Chevy, Budweiser, Suzuki (in select markets) and more. And some surprises as well,  including the winner of the Doritos make your own commercial contest (the finalists are here).  We will have a recap of this year’s best after the game.

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