The battle of the box office has been ongoing for several years.

This coming fall, your television screen becomes the front line of the war.

In cinemas, Marvel may be considered a clear front runner with its Avengers franchise.

DC has the upper hand on the TV front with an even more impressive line up this coming fall.

While Marvel was busy dominating the big screen assembling their Avengers, DC crept onto the CW network and drew first blood in the television market with their hit show Arrow. Arrow was the networks biggest hit since Supernatural and proved that superheroes once again had a place in prime time.

The following year Marvel countered with Agents of Shield, a show existing in the same universe as their impressive film franchise.

The built in audience all but guaranteed the shows’ success. While a few unexpected stumbles early on surely had a few worried, a late season game changing twist breathed in new life and sealed the deal for a second season.

This coming TV season the stakes are even higher, and both companies are firing on all cylinders.

Again it is DC that is out of the blocks first with four highly anticipated shows premiering in the fall.

First Gotham debuts on Fox in September, showing the early life of Bruce Wayne. Even the slightest association with Batman, gives the show all the credibility it needs.

Next in October, the third season of Arrow begins and out of Arrow spins the scarlet speedster, The Flash.

Also in October, over on NBC, will be the occult thriller Constantine. He represents one of DC’s darker “heroes”. Those who recall the Keanu Reeves film, should forget what they know now.

With the abundance of DC heroes coming out of the shadows, we may see a Justice League on TV before the theatres.

Over at Marvel, several new shows are in the works as well, though we will have to wait for 2015 to see how they fair. In the new year, Marvel will launch: Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all on Netflix.

Hoping to capitalize on the platform’s success similar to House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Until then we will have the second season of Agents of Shield to hold us over.

It used to be the summertime superhero blockbuster we had to wait for. Now, with the ever evolving demand for the superhero genre, the choices and the accessibility had to grow, which is only good news for fans.

What superhero show are you most looking forward to this coming season?

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