Supernatural: 10×11 There’s No Place Like Home

Charlie Bradbury is back from Oz, and with a vengeance.

Something happened to Charlie in Oz; her soul was split in two.  Now, there’s a Good Charlie and a Bad Charlie.

Bad Charlie is on a mission for revenge on the drunk driver that killed her parents.  Before being reunited with Good Charlie, she succeeds in her mission by murdering the man.  Dean, fighting back, loses control against Bad Charlie and finds himself harming her in the process.

After last week’s mythological-heavy episode, it was time for a more stand-alone, filler episode.  Charlie is always the perfect balance of individual storyline as well as mirroring the struggles of the brothers within her story.  Dean’s internal struggle with the mark reflects Charlie’s struggle with her “bad” self.

The episode, like all other episodes including Charlie, was written by Robbie Thompson.  It was done well and had few continuity errors.  Charlie was quirky as always, functioning as the brothers’ biggest fan.  “You’re a Winchester,” she says.  For her, and the fans, that’s enough.

While the episode had its great elements, it was simply a filler episode.  While the plot line featuring Charlie mimicked that of Dean and his struggle, it didn’t advance the story any further.  Charlie agreed to help search for a cure for The Mark of Cain, but no progress has been made as of yet.

Dean, attempting to counteract the demonic effects of the Mark, is clean-living.  Egg whites, juices, and even kale (an idea most likely contributed by Misha Collins).  Most importantly for Dean, he is abstaining from all alcohol.  This pulls on the accusations of Dean being an alcoholic, but it’s potentially only a desire due to the negative effects of the Mark.

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Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9.8c on the CW.

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